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07:00 am – 17:30 pm

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About Us

Atlantis Early Learning Centre has recently opened in 2019; however, it has been a working project of precise design, equipment collections and procedures since I matriculated in 2010. Opening my own Centre has been my dream and life time goal for many years and it has now become my exciting life adventure.

Atlantis’ parents and children are supported by qualified, experienced staff, which are committed to provide children with quality education in a fun, loving environment. We believe that teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. We offer child care from three months to five years.

Our facility offers small classes modified to each age group, which allows individual one on one attention, as at Atlantis, we believe in smaller classes to ensure the quality of the education we offer.

A strong foundation with some of life’s most core values are implemented and laid by the age of 7. Some of these values are: self-confidence, intellect, characteristics (kindness, compassion, love etc) attitudes, work habits and problem-solving skills. At Atlantis we follow a preschool curriculum that has been adapted for each age group.

We use our curriculum daily to assess children according to their areas of development such as physical, cognitive, emotional, language and social growth. Our curriculum is fun and hands on, which makes learning easier and more exciting for little ones. We believe that our curriculum should allow children to enjoy the fun and joys’ learning has to offer, as well as prepare them for their schooling years to come.

Our Aims

The aim and purpose of Atlantis Early Learning Centre is to provide each child that attends the school with a loving, caring and extremely fun environment away from home.

When a child is left at their school, they should feel happiness and enthusiasm to learn new things, make new friends, and feel comfortable with their educators and friends, which gives room for trustful friendships and bonds that make children feel safe, loved and special. Another very important aim at this Centre is making each parent feel relieved and relaxed when they leave their child/children at school.

When parents leave the gates, they should know in their hearts that their child/children are in excellent hands. These hands will help their child/ children develop skills, uniqueness, and strengths, but most importantly allow children to have absolute fun as they learn and grow. Atlantis’ team of staff is a family away from a family.

We work as a team to provide the best environment and care for children. However, we also have high expectations of all our parents to get involved as much as possible with all extra functions. Atlantis Early Learning Centre is a home away from home. The team of staff is the loving parents away from the loving parents and the little ones are the highlight of the day for one another.

We aim to:

  • Have a rich and diverse learning curriculum that incorporates all learning areas, which help children grow.
  • Identify each child’s abilities and assist in every way possible to ensure that each child’s full potential is met.
  • Provide challenging, fun, creative and exciting activities which enhances learning abilities.
  • Encourage children to be independent and problem solvers, which is a skill needed throughout life.
  • Obtain qualified and suitable educators that have the knowledge and skills within the foundation phase educational sector.

Our Principles

Atlantis Early Learning Centre provides children with a friendly environment that is safe, secure, caring and stimulating. We are here to enhance the development and education of children through play, to encourage children to develop self-confidence and to feel valued as an individual.

Some of our core principles and beliefs at Atlantis Early Learning Centre are:

  • An early educational foundation is essential and important for children, as this is where their foundation is built for the years to come.
  • Children have many developmental areas such as; physical, intellectual, emotional and many others. Each child learns at a different pace and in different ways, therefore, each child’s abilities needs to be identified and nurtured.
  • A child’s type of environment is very important as they learn from everything and everyone around them.
  • Children grow and blossom through play and relationships with parents, educators and peers.
  • Encouragement to work and play independently will boost self-confidence and in turn learning, as self-confidence is a core ingredient to reaching your full potential.
  • Parents are highly respected at Atlantis Early Learning Centre. A healthy partnership between parent, teacher and school is essential.
  • We respect and tolerate cultural differences and beliefs.
  • We respect, tolerate and nurture living things all great and small. We believe children should show compassion and kindness, to help them grow into honest, caring people, that can leave a positive footprint in the world.

Our Goals

  • To build all our children’s love for learning, which they can take with them as they grow along the way.
  • To help all our children develop all their fundamental milestones to ensure academic growth in their years to come.
  • To aid our children with the values of our Centre, allowing them to grow into well-rounded and exceptional individuals that will be our future generation.
  • To become a highly respected early learning facility that offers successful and quality education to our community.

I, the owner of Atlantis Early Learning Centre believe that it takes big hearts to help shape little minds and help plant the seeds of knowledge that grow forever.

I believe that a child’s life is like a piece of blank paper, which every person along their path leaves a mark. I am devoted to make sure that each child that passes through our gates be left with a positive, life lasting mark.

Our promise

At Atlantis Early Learning Centre, we promise:

  • To provide your child with a loving, interesting, nurturing, fun and stimulating environment.
  • To treat your child with respect each day and attend to all their needs, no matter how big or small they might seem.
  • To provide your child with all the necessary tools they need to develop into their best self-possible.
  • To ensure that your child feels loved, special and at home, while at school each day.


We provide five classes with six to twenty children per class, aged between three months and five years of age.

We believe that our curriculum should allow children to enjoy the fun and joys’ learning has to offer, as well as prepare them for their schooling years to come.